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Duck Call Comparison

   Duckman Duck Calls DUCKMAN DUCK CALLS - Roy Richardson began making his calls as a challenge he has since turned his ability into an artform. His calls are donated to DU banquets and other beneficial groups supporting waterfowl related entities. This particular call is a single reed - Ebony Wood. The call has an excellent sound and takes very little air to set it off. With some practice a caller can begin to control this call with ease.

    Greg Keats Custom Calls GREG KEATS CUSTOM CALLS - The musical instrument quality duck calls and goose calls that Greg Keats produces are handmade and hand tuned from only the finest natural materials on a limited production basis only. These materials are chosen for their fine tonal qualities and appearance. The particular call shown here is a double reed - Hawaiian Curly Koa. The call is beautiful piece and is easy to blow. These calls are treasured by collectors around the country. To see more of Greg's calls click on the call.

    Southern Game Calls SOUTHERN GAME CALLS - Using the highest quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and from years of experience, Southern Game Calls truly will allow you to experience perfection while using their calls. World Champion caller, Greg Hood hand turns and tunes each call to ensure that the highest quality of sound will resonate from every call. This particular call is the new single reed - Cocobolo "Nasty Talker". The call has a slight break in the sound to give that "nasty" pitch drawing mallards into your honey hole. To see more of Greg's calls click on the call.

   Timber Mallard Duck Calls TIMBER MALLARD DUCK CALLS - All of Patrick's calls are hand turned and tuned. After a visit to his shop, you will find no duplicator or tracing lathes. Currently, his calls are made from 16 different domestic and exotic woods as well as acrylic and delrin. This particular call is a single reed - Bois D'arc or Hedge call and is a great duck call for flooded timber, it allows the caller to sound off a great quack and feed chucka. Each one of his calls come with a Lifetime guarantee. To see more Timber Mallard calls click on the call.

   Faulkner Duck and Goose Calls FAULKNER WATERFOWL CALLS - Faulkner Waterfowl Calls are without a question some of the finest handcrafted calls available in North America. It is a strong belief in Quality that has inspired this fine line of waterfowl calls. Each call is meticulously handcrafted one at a time from start to finish. Turned from the highest quality handpicked Cocobolo wood, these unique heirloom quality calls are sure to be handed down for many generations. This particular call is a single reed - Cocobolo call. To see more Faulkner's calls click on the call.

   Drake-Brake Duck Calls "DRAKE-BRAKE" DUCK CALLS - Greg Brinkley turns approximately 150 - 200 calls annually from osage orange, cocobola, acrylics. These are the materials he feels make the best call, because they are dense and consistent, according to Brinkley. Brinkley seeks the volume, deep tone and raspy sound of the mallard hen. These calls have a unique shape all their own, they can hit the highest note and once the caller has done some practicing can really talk duck language. This particular call is a single reed - Bois D'arc or Hedge call. To see more of Greg's calls click on the call.

   Roy Rhodes Duck Calls ROY RHODES CALLS - World Champion Roy Rhodes has produced a call for open water hunting. These calls can reach out and grab the attention of a group of mallards. This call creates and excellent feed chucka. This particular call is a single reed - Cocobolo call. Rhodes also offers these in a Bois D'Arc wood. To see more of Rhodes' calls click on the call.


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