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Artistic Compositions   originated from a true passion and appreciation for wildlife, and has evolved into one of the worlds largest waterfowl and upland bird taxidermy studios.

A continuous effort is being made to bring new and innovative ideas to enhance their quality and diversity. However, reasonable prices, efficient service, and a top of the line product is their trademark.

Traveling the world in search of all the different species of birds with other collectors is paving the way for a new alternative for wildfowlers. With the restrictions hunters face, many birds of the world are becoming protected due to habitat loss and poor management.

Artistic Compositions   feels it is there duty to preserve each bird with the greatest amount of detail. This will ensure that our clients will have a bird mount that will last a lifetime. Whether it be a wood duck, goldeneye or an African pygmy goose, each bird receives the same amount of detailed gratification from our studio to your game room, office or study.

From the early stages of experimentation to the frontlines of competition with the worlds best taxidermists, "we owe it to all our clients who supported us in the beginning and continue to lead us in the right direction."

On the next few pages you can see some of the work from Artistic Compositions. As you will see, waterfowl and upland taxidermy is our trait and we will be more than happy to serve all of your taxidermy needs.



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