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Island X Trophy Sea Duck Hunts
Island X Eider huntingThese trips run 6 days all-inclusive with meals, lodging and 4 days of fully guided hunts to include: boats, blinds & decoys. We will meet you at the airport when you arrive at Island X and will transport you and your gear to our lodge. That afternoon we will tour the island for around 3 hours and check out our shore blind locations for birds working the area. After returning from the tour we will have a nice dinner and talk about the following days hunt.

We have 4-5 hunters per week in this remote island location with 2 professional guides. We rotate daily between our 3 shore blind locations and offer near shore drifting boat hunts over decoys when weather and winds permit. These hunts all take place during winter conditions utilizing snow camo patterns and each hunter should be prepared to hunt in temperatures that can range from -20 to +40. All shotguns need to be completely degreased with gunscrubber cleaner before hunting this stop 95% of gun jamming in these icy conditions.

King Eiders
The legal limit of Sea Ducks for nonresident hunters is 20 birds per hunter total with no more than 4 of any one species in possession. We specialize in mature specimen of King eider, Harlequin, Scoter, Oldsquaw and a few Barrows Goldeneye thrown in for good measure. Each hunter can reasonably expect a mature pair of each for the week but stormy weather and unpredictable wind & ice conditions can effect our normal hunting conditions.

The island is only 12 miles long and has numerous points and nutrient rich reefs that attract the Waterfowl to the island for winter-feeding. We have very good access to the islands hunting areas with short drives of 10-20 minutes from the lodge with our 4 wheel drive truck and short boat trips of 5-20 minutes from the ramp in our 17 ft custom welded Skiffs and Zodiacs powered by dependable Yamaha outboard motors.

We don't hunt on your last day unless we missed a day due to weather conditions, as we need to pack up your Trophies and get your gear to the airport by noon for the 2pm flight back to Anchorage. Trophy Hunting Island XYou will arrive between 5-6pm at anchorage airport just in time for dinner and You have the option to stay over in Anchorage and leave 1st thing in the morning or catch a red eye flight out that night around 11pm back home.

The charter flight coming out to Island X on your first day cost around $650 and leaves between 9-10am so most hunters arrive the night before so they can make the morning connection with PenAir or Reeve Air.

Due to the extremely remote locations that we hunt occasionally we have weather delays or canceled chartered flights to Island X. We cannot be held responsible for these flight or for any added expenses occurred by you in Anchorage or missed flight going home. If delayed once in camp we will accommodate our guest's at no additional charge.