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If you're ready for explosive nonstop surface action for Fresh Ocean run Silver Salmon teeming with sea lice than we have a place for you. This small coastal river and Lagoon holds 2000-3000 fish daily all within 200 yds of the Camp.

Our guests averaged 30 Salmon a day on flyrod last season with our camp record belonging to Brian Ward, President of Cortland line, landing close to 60 fish on Oct. 6 all caught on The Aleutian Wogg, a surface fly. The camp is a short flight from Cold Bay on a nearby tidal lagoon that averages 2-5 ft. deep, with some very easy wading from the shallow gravel bars that stretch across the river.

Come enjoy the rustic camp atmosphere and experience. Undoubtedly the best Silver Salmon fishing left in the world.

This remote Outcamp is located 7 miles upstream from the Bering Sea in a small river valley holding one of the Peninsula's largest concentrations of Steelhead & Ptarmigan. The river itself offers World class Fly Fishing for Ocean run Steelhead up to 40 inches with the average fish 12-14 lbs. Our guests have averaged 3-4 fish landed daily with the best days reaching into double digits.

A small resident Rainbow & Char population make for some added fun. The camp is staffed with afull-timee licensed Guide who lives there for 10 weeks a year and he knows every inch of the river. We have a jetboat on the river and a Honda 4x4 at the camp so we can access over 100 square miles of wilderness trails and river corridor. The comforts at this camp include Private heated Weatherport Cabins, Hot showers, a Generator and a Satellite Phone for your Safety.

Our new lodge is very comfortable And fully modern. We can handle 6-9 Guests per week. The location overlooks Coldbay and has a spectacular landscape of Active Volcanoes and snowcapped Glacial filled Mountain valleys. cast and blastThere are 3 private guest rooms meticulously finished off in T&G Pine with 2 full baths.

The 5 or 7 day all-inclusive lodge packages combine 1st class accommodations & Food with spectacular fishing for Silvers and Char. With World class waterfowl hunting on nearby Izembek Wildlife Refuge & Lagoon all thrown in. We also offer overnight flyout trips to our other remote camps listed below. We believe this is the best combination Cast & Blast package in all of Alaska for Silvers, Halibut, Char, Geese, Ducks, Black Brant and Ptarmigan. Over 400,000 reasons.

Welcome to the Alaskan Peninsulas finest Steelhead, Salmon & Waterfowl packages at one of our remote River camps 650 miles SW of Anchorage near the end of the North American Continent facing the Aleutian Islands and Kamchatka Peninsula. We have been exploring and test fishing these remote areas for the past 5 seasons and are very excited to offer these 3 new destinations.

During September-October these packages will be based out of our cast and blastnew lodge in Coldbay and offer guests a world class Cast & Blast opportunity unmatched anywhere else in the World. Or you may choose to fish from our Volcano Bay, Silver Camp or the Aleutian River Steelhead Camp.

If you're tired of the same old boring lodge scene then this trip is for you. Due to the remote nature of these trips and the often unpredictable weather we recommend only well seasoned Fisherman or Bird hunters take these trips.