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Aleutian Islands Waterfowlers

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Alaska Trophy Adventures,, Cold Bay, Alaska, eider hunting,, sea duck hunting, Aleutian Islands, Izembeck Wildlife Refuge,,eider hunting, sea duck hunting,, Alaska hunting, Alaska waterfowl hunting,

King EiderAleutian Island Waterfowlers is located in Cold Bay, Alaska, 600 miles SW of Anchorage at the end of the Alaska Peninsula facing the Aleutian Islands. We operate 90% of our waterfowl hunts inside of Izembeck Wildlife Refuge and all boat hunts take place on Izembeck Lagoon. This remote area of Alaska is known for its high concentrations of waterfowl reaching nearly 500,000 during the peak in September and October.

Captain Phil Byrd of Alaska Trophy Adventures has partnered with long time friend and world class waterfowl guide Rafi Jeknavorian of Wild Wings to form Aleutian Islands Lodge and Outcamps specializing in Waterfowl and Fishing cast-N-blast combo. Our new main lodge will handle 6-8 guest's comfortable from the three private guestrooms. The location overlooks scenic Cold Bay with a spectacular landscape of active volcanoes and snow capped glacial mountain ranges.

We will be operating two very comfortable Outcamps in conjunction with the lodge offering Silver Salmon at Volcano bay and Ptarmigan hunting and Steelhead at the Aleutian River. Come with us and hunt the Aleutian Islands in Cold Bay, Alaska.

Deluxe Izembeck Lodge Flyout Trip
We run land sets during the hunts as this is very effective Aleutian Waterfowl Huntingas the birds leave the lagoon daily enroute to the fresh water drinking ponds. The limits in this part of Alaska are very liberal as we have no other commercial hunting pressure within a 400-mile radius.

The waterfowl population in Izembeck Lagoon has been increasing at a very healthy rate as this is part of the Major Pacific Flyway. The current populations of geese are near 120-140 thousand Canadians.

The lagoon is world famous for the number of Emperor Geese that winter here. The estimate number of these birds is around 85,000 and the numbers are continuing to rise. We are hoping for a limited trophy season in the near future.

We offer our guests a world class Cast & Blast opportunity unmatched anywhere else in the World. If you're tired of the same old boring lodge scene then this trip is for you. (FULL DETAILS)

Island X Trophy Sea Duck Hunts
These trips run 6 days all-inclusive with meals, lodging andIsland X Eider hunting 4 days of fully guided hunts to include: boats, blinds & decoys. We have 4-5 hunters per week in this remote island location with 2 professional guides. We rotate daily between our 3 shore blind locations and offer near shore drifting boat hunts over decoys when weather and winds permit.

These hunts all take place during winter conditions utilizing snow camo patterns and each hunter should be prepared to hunt in temperatures that can range from -20 to +40.

We specialize in mature specimen of King eider, Harlequin, Scoter, Oldsquaw and a few Barrows Goldeneye thrown in for good measure. Each hunter can reasonably expect a mature pair of each for the week but stormy weather and unpredictable wind & ice conditions can effect our normal hunting conditions.

Due to the remote nature of these trips and the often unpredictable weather we recommend only well seasoned waterfowlers take these trips. No Whiners! (FULL DETAILS)